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Take BACK the Lion's Share of Your Diabetes Control!

What is a Hardhead Diabetic™?

HE OR SHE IS A DIABETIC WHO IS INCORRECTLY CATEGORIZED AS APATHETIC ABOUT THEIR DISEASE. They are the people constantly being yelled at by family and friends: "Why are you eating that? You're so hardheaded!" This particular group often refuses to follow conventional diabetes management protocols and is the most likely to develop complications. Not because they do not care, but because they cannot seem to get information, which would allow for successful change, in a manner that effectively speaks to them. Does this sound familiar? If you or someone you know fits the bill, we are happy to inform you there is hope!

Throughout this site, you will find information and resources designed to aid you in regaining control over your life and freedom from the stranglehold of diabetes. We will not be regurgitating over espoused methods for “managing” diabetes. Among our many features, we will focus on a process called "food combining." Not the conventional “food combining” associated with better digestion. Ours is a method that allows diabetics to eat many of the foods they have loved for years, but have been told they can no longer enjoy. We will show you how to enjoy those foods while controlling blood sugar spikes.

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My girls gave me this for Mother’s Day. I share it with you as an extension “THANK YOU” to all the HARDHEAD DIABETIC Mother’s
who have served their families without complaint and with love for so many years!

Our Upcoming Book
Hardhead Diabetic: Confessions of a Dangerous One
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Our Mission

At Hardhead Diabetic, Inc., our mission is to eliminate diabetic complications by offering a better understanding of easy and uncomplicated methods for taming diabetes, which can be employed in everyday living with minimal effort.


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