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An email exchange between us and a client:  

Hello Noel,
Thank you for your repeat business.  We are happy you enjoy our HHD Crunch.  Your order shipped yesterday. 
Thank you!  Can’t wait. I love your crunch!
Noel L.

As I was eating a bag of HHD Crunch, I sat it in the window of my nail shop.  A lady walking by knocked on the window exclaiming, “That Crunch is sooooo good!”  I told her my mother makes it.  “That’s your mother?!!!,” she exclaimed.  Then again, “That Crunch is good!”

She obviously met my mother at one of the events where she supplied samples and sold her Crunch.  We are about to start carrying it in my shop, SNOB NAILS, Iverson Mall, Temple Hills, MD.  Stop by for a full set and a great snack; it not just for diabetics.
London W. 

By all means, you surely can publish my testimonial, it is a wonderful book. In addition, feel free, if you wish, to publish our comments, that we loved your products. We would like to order more product, possibly in larger quantities:

Dear Rica, 

I would like to thank you for sending me your inspirational book. I have found in reading it, there is so much valuable information that references what I have learned, as well as, a lot more valuable information. I can’t wait to receive the snack items I ordered…
Bob G.

Hi Rica - Just want to give a great big SHOUT OUT to you and your company.  You all had some fabulous, healthy information shared for Diabetics, like myself.  Your trail mixes were yummy as well as nutritious!  (My doctor keeps me on track, too.)  But lo and behold... I was the winner of $100.00 in cash and couldn't be happier.  


Keep sharing this wonderful news!! 
Helen W/Baltimore.


Thank you for your interest.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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