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Attacking Complications

Hardhead Diabetics take aim: we will show you how to tame and rein in those complications, the wildlife of diabetes! Our overall goal for you and your family is PEACE OF MIND. Embark on a rejuvenating path today. We will be your capable hunting guide for navigating the diabetic jungle. Are you ready to attack the complication animals below?!



Swelling of
Legs, Feet & Hands
Fatigue & Energy Loss



Cravings for
Sweet & Sugary Flavors
& Simple Carbohydrates



Limb Pain & Burning
Slow Digestion
Poor Intestinal Function



Vision & Limb Loss
Poor Kidney Function
Transplants & Dialysis

High Blood Sugar Levels

Everyone’s blood contains standard amounts of sugar. The awesome machine known as the body instinctively knows what that amount should be. The extraction of sugar in excess of those limits and its subsequent distribution to our cells (performed by our body’s natural operation) is what gives us energy. When an atypical amount of sugar remains in the blood and is not extracted through the body’s usual methods (diabetes) the blood becomes thicker causing sluggishness. The sustenance of life is the act of blood coursing through the veins. If the performance of that blood becomes hindered or altered in any way, the body carrying that blood becomes the recipient of those same affects.

Thick, molasses-like blood does not circulate at a proper pace. As a result swelling in the extremities (feet, legs, arms and hands) occurs. Diabetes is the interference of the body’s ability to remove sugar from the blood and turn it into energy. As a result a diabetic looses their energy and often fatigues quickly because:

  • The body is having problems creating adequate energy through customary channels.
  • Poor circulation exponentially diminishes energy. If your blood is moving slow; so will your entire body.

During the onset of the disease, any combination or singular event of thirst, excessive urination, fatigue, or swelling are the most noticeably encountered complications.  Unfortunately these things are usually not associated with diabetes by a fledgling diabetic.  In conjunction, after diagnosis, initial failure to experience the effects of major complications, encourages the Hardhead Diabetic to form the deceptive illusion that they have this disease under control.  Minor complications are the indicator that greater, more intrusive, incredibly slow to detect damage is looming if the patient does not mount a strategic defense.  Once injured with diabetes, heeding the predictions of these negligible complications is a superior reason for a diabetic to assist their body in sustaining normal blood sugar levels.

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Elevated HbA1C

Glycosylated Hemoglobin, Type A1C, HbA1C or A1C, records a 3-month picture of the average level of sugar in your blood. The higher your A1C reading over 6, the more you are allowing complications to develop in your body. Their development is largely undetectable and slow. Therefore, a diabetic should have an HbA1C reading administered on a quarterly basis (every 3 months) throughout the year. Those test results will be a road map to the progression of diabetic complications developing in your body. Dehydration, excessive thirst and sugar cravings are typical signs of routinely high blood sugar levels which translate to elevated HbA1C levels. The goal then becomes to keep those A1C readings as close to or below 6 as possible. If this resolution is made by the diabetic at diagnosis, a reliable way to avert diabetic complications is achieved. The onset of added complications will be interrupted and some pre-existing complication can be curtailed if the practice is implemented even after years of uncontrolled diabetes.

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When long-term high blood sugar levels are endured by a body, the extra sugar crystallizes (for lack of a more clarifying term), around the nerves. That crystallization forms a barrier to the nerve receptors preventing them from receiving signals from the brain. These barriers do various things:

  • Dulls the sense of pain, as well as, eliminates the detection of hot and/or cold.
  • Misinterprets sensations being administered to the skin and causes referred pain (example: you get pinched on the left side of your thigh, but you feel it on the right side).
  • Causes burning, tingling and numbness in the extremities, in addition to, a tight ringing feeling in the feet.
  • Severe cases progress to the intestines creating swallowing and digestion problems.

Neuropathy takes time to develop. The diabetic is clueless during the early stages of its formation. The initial damage happens before the symptoms are experienced. It is possible to stop its progression but, currently, Neuropathy damage is irreversible. Paying close attention to A1C levels can help stop this horrific complication in its tracks!

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Uncontrolled Diabetes

When any constant and dependable measures to regulate the sugar in your blood are being neglected that is called uncontrolled diabetes. A term we are certain every diabetic has had pushed down their throat ad nauseum, especially the Hardhead Diabetic. This is not our intent. We mention it here because this section is designed to list a few of the top ranking diabetic complications so we might offer suggestions on eliminating them. As such, exercising zero control over diabetes will assuredly lead to vision and limb loss, dialysis, kidney transplant and heart problems. We do not believe any diabetic, including a Hardhead Diabetic aspires to those outcomes.

Understanding, attained through Connective Diabetic Education™ is the best way to help a Hardhead Diabetic bring their diabetes under control. Prevention of most complications and certainly these worst ones can be realized with the Connective Diabetic Education™ techniques used and suggested in our books pertaining to Diabetic Food Combining™, HbA1C testing and improved diabetic education protocols.

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Read our first article in the Washington Informer’s May Health Supplement
Look for the paper at newsstands and on their site washingtoninformer.com
for upcoming bi-monthly new articles

May 2018 Health & Nutrition Supplement Do You Know A Hardheaded Diabetic?


Join us as we participate in the upcoming African-American Community Round Table of Howard County First Annual Health Fair.  We will have our Crunch on hand, free samples and bags for sale.  Ms. Rich will be autographing the first 50 books purchased. And don’t miss the talk Ms. Rich will deliver on Controlling Diabetes through Diabetic Food Combining and Positive Reinforcement.

Saturday, June 23
10am – 2pm
Long Reach High School
6101 Old Dobbin Lane
Columbia, MD 21045

Past Events

MARCH 3, 2018
Fox 45, CW Baltimore & myTV B’More Healthy Expo
Baltimore Convention Center, 1 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD

Thank you Baltimore – Your participation at our exhibit was fabulous!  You made us feel right at home!

MARCH 10-11, 2018
NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo
Walter E. Washington Convention Center - Halls D & E,  801 Mount Vernon Place, NW, Washington DC 20001

Pictures tell the story better than I can!  Watch the video below:

April 11, 2018
Great Day Washington WUSA 9, Television Spot
Our Company’s 2 minute Feature as a member of DC’s Food Incubator Mess Hall

April 14, 2018

Delta Lambda Foundation

Thank you Bro. Russ for inviting us to participate in your event. Ms. Rich enjoyed delivering her speech on
The Nature of the Hardhead Diabetic to your audience.

April 28, 2018

NE Eats

Thank you for helping us support the Washington Jesuit Academy, a DC school dedicated to educating and rearing young boys; creating  capable men!

Please see our ABOUT US PAGE

Causes We Support section if you would like to learn more about the school and make a donation.

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